Frequently Asked Questions

Our Product

Q. What is Trim-Lock Thermal Siding?
A. Trim Lock Acrylic Stucco Siding is the premium exterior finish offered today. It combines the popular appearance of siding and stucco, and adds an insulation value of R-5. Trim Lock Siding provides superior stability, strength and resistance to everyday weather environments resulting in an architectural wonder.

Q. Is TrimLock siding weather resistant?
A. Yes, our siding system protects from hail damage, rain, wind, temperature changes, and will not expand or contract with changes in the weather.

Q. What maintenance is required?
A. TrimLock is maintenance free, and pressure wash safe.

Q. Does the color fade over time?
A. The highest quality of raw materials are used in the production process to ensure long lasting finish and color retention.

Q. How can I change the color of the stucco siding?
A. The color is easy to change by using a quality exterior acrylic stain.

Q. What colors are there to choose from?
A. We offer custom coloring options, giving our customers an unlimited span of colors to choose from..

Q. How long does the siding last?
A. All the acrylic stucco that we have installed since 1984 is still in excellent condition, so we feel confident when we offer you 30 year warranty.

Q. Can the siding be repaired?
A. Yes, we can repair siding, and individual planks can be replaced if necessary.

Q. How does moisture escape behind the tile?
A. A weather barrier completes the envelope to provide the proper drainage as per Alberta building code.


Q. How does the siding fasten to the wall?
A. Each plank has an area for nailing on the top radius, which is covered by the next overlap. The pieces lock in place for easy installation.

Q. What happens with the joints of each plank?
A. Each plank is butt joined with a small bead of sealant.

Q. Do you need a professional tradesman to install Trim Lock Siding, or can I do it myself?
A. The siding is engineered to allow smooth installation for most skill levels.

Q. Can extra insulation be added to increase the R value?
A. Yes, by using quality industry standard eps insulation starting at ¾” up to 2” insulation to increase the R-value of your home.

Q. Can I become a preferred installer of TrimLock and get extra training?
A. Yes, for more information contact us at Trimlock: 403-557-2403

Q. What kind of surfaces can the siding be installed over?
A. Wood, concrete, ICF block wall, and most other surfaces due to the light-weight characteristics of the siding.

Q. How long does it take to install?
A. In general one person can install 220 sq. ft. of siding in a day.

Q. How is the top board fastened to the wall?
A. Before the top board is glued to the wall, the reverse flashing is installed against the soffit. The board then sits directly against that and can also be nailed and touched up with paint.

Performance Codes

Q. Is TrimLock Siding CSA approved?
A. There are no CSA monitoring programs for the stucco industry as we are classified as a stucco exterior, We are monitored by other industry standard programs such as ULC, CGSB, ASTM and others.

Q. What other codes does TrimLock Siding meet?


  • CGSB- 1GP-162M
  • CAN/ULC- S701-97
  • CAN/ULC- S102-M83
  • ASTM- E283-91/ D897/ D579/ D568/ D822-9
  • CCMC 12424-L EPS Foam
  • EIMA-101-86 impact resistance

    Q. What warranty terms do you offer?
    A. We offer you a 30 year limited warranty.