Customer Testimonials

Wade D.
We had siding on our home and we were pricing out hardi-board but we wanted extra insulation so we would have had to put extra foam under. We found Trimlock siding and we liked the look and the fact that had extra insulation all in 1 product. We have had the siding on our home for 3 years now, and have had wind storms and we have seen no damage done. I would say since putting this siding on our home, we notice a difference in our homes temperature, it is warmer in the winter and I don’t feel drafts anymore and also the exterior noise has been cut down, I don’t here the vehicles anymore. I would recommend this product to anyone as I like the look and I am overall very happy with this siding.

Larry M.
I choose Trimlock siding because of the added insulation value and the weather resistant acrylic stucco with the aesthetic appeal of lap siding. I have had this siding on my home for 2 years, and it is standing up well. The extra insulation I s great, my furnace comes on one time a day during even the coldest days and the house is definitely cooler during the summer than the house was before we had before this with vinyl siding. Our house is situated 400' from a busy roadway and with the windows closed we cannot hear any traffic noise at all. That was one of our concerns with having the road so close to our home. I installed the siding myself, it was a very straightforward installation process. I would most definitely recommend this product to others. If you factor in all the benefits it's definitely worth the money. In insulation, soundproofing, curb appeal of your home, and weather resistance.

Kendal H.
We installed this siding after purchasing our home out of convenience, Keith the owner of Trimlock, showed us the product and we liked the look of the siding but the stucco exterior. We have had this siding on our home for 1 ½ years and we have seen a few wind storms and there has been no damage done. We did not live in this home prior to putting the siding on, but compared to other homes we have lived in I would say this siding keeps the homes temperature warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and this home seems quiet, we don’t hear much exterior noise. I like the look of the siding, but I am finding that the birds like to peck and eat the siding, so I don’t recommend it if you have birds but no birds yes I would recommend it.

Jeff W.
I installed Trimlock siding on our new home because I like the look and the fact that I could customize the color. It’s been 1 year since I Installed this siding, and I found it fairly easy to install, I found the metal trim to be the hardest part but the rest was easy. I would definitely recommend this this product, it looks good and it’s easy to install for the do-it yourself person.

Garth P.
We used the company, Trim Lock to do stone work on our home, and they told us of the new siding product that they were developing and we liked the idea of the new product and all the benefits, such as the extra insulation, noise reduction and the extra protection against weather damage. Trimlock installed the siding in April of 2014 and we have not had any severe storms just average weather but we have seen no damage to the siding. I am very happy with the performance of this siding

David B.
My wife and I saw Trimlock siding on a friend’s home and we really liked the look. Trimlock put the siding on our home about 2 years ago, and the siding looks as good as the day it was installed. I would say since having the siding on our home’s temperature is more constant and I would say my home is quieter, I don’t here as much exterior noise. I Absolutely I would recommend this siding, I am very pleased. What was promised has been delivered, I am very happy with the look and the durability.

Scott N.
I choose Trimlock siding because, Keith, was a customer of mine, and he showed me the new Acrylic Stucco Siding and he explained the benefits. Trimlock siding had a sub-contractor put the siding on our new home 2 years ago and it still looks good. I would recommend this product.

Henry V.
I choose Trimlock siding because we liked the look and the extra insulation and reduced exterior noise and the fact that it was easy to install. We had a subcontractor put on our siding 1 year ago, and he did not appear to have any trouble. I would say that I here less exterior noise, but I can’t say if I feel a difference in the homes temperature.