Trimlock Privacy Fencing

Trimlock privacy fencing was actually the very first panel product that was made. In 2002 the owner of Trimlock wanted to build a privacy fence around his home so that his family could enjoy the full benefit of the corner lot that his house stood on. This was the launch of the very first panel product made of EPS foam and acrylic stucco, at the time, it was conceived that the product could be produced in a factory setting and offered to the public however proof of longevity was needed and time was not of importance to speed things up. Today the fence is still standing and performing as it was intended to. This design is the foundation of all the Trimlock panel products and with the materials available today have made it the opportune time to offer it to the public so they can enjoy what the owner of Trimlock has had for 18 years.



Ultimate elegance in privacy fencing available and affordable
Environmentally Friendly
Outstanding Curb appeal
High sound suppression benefits from outside sources
High impact resiliency, deflects high winds, complete yard privacy
No expansion or contraction due to heat or cold
Lightweight, fire-resistant materials for easy handling
Woodgrain colours available along with our pebble texture
Built for lifetime longevity

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