TrimLock Skirting and Parging

TrimLock skirting/parging panel systems provides features found with other commercial grade metal wall and roof cladding systems. Our unique manufactured panel system provides a 1mm sand pebble finish that provides added benefits found only with our insulated EPS system.  Our panel system can be installed in almost any kind of weather without risk to system integrity, as opposed to other weather-dependant products available. The inherent benefits of the combined material used to construct each panel provide less maintenance than other exterior systems and meet the most demanding performance requirements.

Before and After


Manufactured Homes – Modular – RTM
New Residential and Commercial Structures
For use on multiple surfaces (Wood, Concrete, Masonry, ICF Block)
Used in combination with other finishing materials for multiple looks
Deck Enclosures

Ease of Use

Our non-complicated install allows flexibility, whether to hire experienced trades for installation or DIY.


TrimLock’s skirting/parging panels are factory assembled from start to finish within our own facility. They consist of an EPS insulating sheet (R5.6 @ 1.5” thick), covered by a galvanized sheet of steel then coated with a proprietary method to achieve a pre-finished, ready to install panel. 


The blue house shows the results of insulating the exterior of a building, keeping the heat in during winter and cooling in the summer. TrimLock’s insulated cladding panels provide the best energy-efficient solution, resulting in higher savings.

What is a Passive House?
Passive House is a building standard that is truly energy efficientcomfortable and affordable at the same time. Passive House is not a brand name, but a tried and true construction concept that can be applied by anyone, anywhere.


Most affordable choice for Modular Home Skirting and Parging
Environmentally Friendly
High Curb side appeal
4 standard colors available
Insulating Quality with sound suppression benefits
Reduces energy costs Summer and Winter
Repels water, wind, heat and cold
No expansion or contraction due to heat or cold
Light weight for easy handling and less wall stress
Fire and Impact Resistant
4 standard colors available
Built for lifetime longevity
3 Year product warranty



Auto Vents

Open at 21.1 °Celsius (70 °F) closes approximately below same values


Our non-complicated install allows flexibility, whether to hire experienced trades for installation or DIY.