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Trimlock’s products can be used for skirting, parging, siding and fencing.

Wall Cladding - Trimlock - Alberta

Wall Cladding

TrimLock Wall Cladding systems provide features found with other commercial-grade metal wall and roof cladding systems.

Privacy Fencing

TrimLock privacy fencing is an elegant, easy-to-install, low-maintenance alternative to traditional fencing materials.

Foundation and Skirting

TrimLock Foundation & Skirting panel system provides a functional and aesthetically appealing finish to all types of home or commercial building projects.

Who We are

As a family-owned and operated manufacturing facility, we are focused on innovative product design featuring a broad spectrum of architectural & functional purpose.

We have been providing homeowners and commercial builders functional exterior cladding products at affordable pricing for over 37 years.

We began as technicians in a synthetic stucco manufacturing company. During this time the opportunity to produce synthetic coatings by day and on-site applications evenings and weekends has been instrumental in the development of the TrimLock products of today. The vast experience has given us an understanding of the significance of how a multi-functional exterior cladding product addresses many topics most prominent, energy efficiency.

Over the years building materials, techniques, and functionality have continuously improved. We at TrimLock count on this, allowing us the diversity to quickly make product advancements as new technologies of raw materials become available by thinking outside the box.

The success of our product has a proven track record in multiple climate conditions such as cold winters in Northern Canada, high winds in Southern Alberta, wet conditions in British Columbia, and extreme heat in Arizona. This is a testament of the longevity and quality of the TrimLock product line.

As we move forward we will continue to build on the success of our product line providing functional products that can be relied on for years to come.

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Over our 37+ years in business, we have completed a number of amazing projects, working with some amazing people and businesses. Take a look at our Gallery to see how TrimLock products can change the look of any residential or commercial space!

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The inherent benefits of the combined material used to construct each panel provide less maintenance than other exterior systems and meet the most demanding performance requirements.

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